Diane Birdsall


b. 1986, HK.



Diane Birdsall is an art and interior design consultant based in Marfa, Texas. Having owned and operated Diane Birdsall Gallery on Connecticut's shoreline from 2005-2014, she has an expert eye for contemporary artists, designers and artisans. Diane continues to represent a roster of artists through her design projects, pop-up exhibitions and consulting work. 



  • Four Columns Inn, Newfane, VT
  • Delamar Southport, CT
  • Delamar Greenwhich, CT
  • Delamar West Hartford, CT
  • Holland Hotel, Alpine, TX
  • Hotel Limpia, Fort Davis, TX


  • Lisa Adams
  • Frances Ashforth
  • Johnny Adimando
  • Pola Esther
  • Adrien Broom
  • Nancy Burgess
  • Amy Genser
  • Camomile Hixon
  • Erica Iman
  • Peter Kirkiles
  • Mare McClellan
  • Brian Keith Stephens